The Art of Differentiation

The Art of Differentiation. The WDC team overall plans for creating and managing a brand through Video Editing, Logo Design, Web Banners, Document Design, Newsletter Design, Social Media Strategy, Brochure, Infographic, Email Template, Stationery (Business Card, Letterhead & Envelops etc.)

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What is a brand strategy and its types?

A branding strategy is an action plan that details how a company will present their brand to consumers, from communicating their mission, vision, values and unique value proposition to shaping consumer perception, improving brand recognition and more.

Key Elements Of A Branding Strategy

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While there are many different types of branding strategies in marketing, they all share key elements that serve as the foundation for the strategy. These elements include:
  1. Brand Purpose: The reason the company is in business and what the brand is trying to achieve
  2. Brand Vision: The ideas and goals behind the brand, which serve as inspiration for growth
  3. Brand Values: The company’s beliefs and what they stand for
  4. Target Audience: The demographic(s) that the brand is aiming to reach
  5. Market analysis: An analysis of the marketplace that identifies gaps where the brand has an opportunity to position itself, based on its unique value proposition
  6. Awareness goals: The initiatives the brand will take in order to reach their target market
  7. Brand personality: The human-like attributes of the brand that will help it build relationships with consumers
  8. Brand Voice: The language and tone the brand uses to communicate with consumers
  9. Brand tagline: A memorable slogan that sums up the brand and their offering in a few words