How is your pricing calculated?

    Our pricing is based on the number of slides we are required to work on. These comprise all slides from the cover to the conclusion including text, images, flowcharts, infographics. If any slide is to be excluded, then we would recommend you either telling us or not sending us the slides.

    Do you sign NDA for confidential documents?

    Yes, we respect our client’s privacy and their rights to protect their ideas and information. We will sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) if requested and ensure that all your information is kept confidential. We also have different options for you if your data is highly confidential and you don’t want to disclose it to us also.

    Is there monthly or yearly package? Approximately how much work does that cover?

    Yes, we offer monthly packages as well in which we cover minimum 300 slides. Per slide cost is slightly lower in Monthly packages.

    Do you provide amendment in the file provided?

    Yes, we provide up to 2 free amendments and it is chargeable after that.

    What is the typical turnaround time? Are you able to provide a 24-hour turnaround for urgent projects?

    Our typical turnaround time is 24 hours. In case of a higher volume of work or tighter deadlines, our customers usually give us a heads-up. We will try our best to accommodate and meet your deadline by working overtime if needed.

    What will be the timeline for the deck that needs a quick turnaround?

    We require at least 1-day prior notice for a quick turnaround projects. This will help us to plan our resources and keep them on standby.


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